November Callout – Zero Dark Thirty


Nighttime is the right time for this month’s GORUCK Club Callout. These challenges aren’t supposed to be ALL fun, even though we’ve definitely had a good time doing them. They also aren’t supposed to be the hardest thing ever, even though they can prove to be challenging. Our goal is to push you to do something that you might not normally do with your Ruck Club. That’s why we bring you the Zero Dark Thirty Ruck.

All you have to do this month to earn your Callout Patches is hold one of your monthly rucks between the times of sunset and sunrise. GORUCK has run overnight events since the beginning and there’s something special that happens when most people are headed home for the evening and you get the trails and the miles to yourself.

Maybe a lot of you already ruck at night and that’s awesome. Here’s where it will become challenging for you. For groups to earn their patch they must ruck with at least 5 people (total) and cover at least 5 miles.

This one might take a little longer than some of the others so plan accordingly, the good news is that you have until the sun comes up.
Get out there, ruck up, and beers at the finish line.


Time: Ruck must start after sunset and end before sunrise
Group size: 5 people minimum per attempt
Distance: 5 miles
Completion Form Here

November Callout – Zero Dark Thirty

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