Gear List for Typical Ruck Event

Team Gear – One of each per team, typically provided by a vet
– One 25 lb Team Weigh
– One American Flag on a 8 foot pole

Required Individual Gear (Bring All This)
– Rucksack (Backpack) No weight vests
– Weight 30 lbs each person
– Hydration Bladder
– Nalgene bottle (1L) or equivalent (electrolytes recommended)
– Reflective Ruck Bands (or equivalent)
– Windbreaker (only if temperature is expected below 60 F)
– Photo ID
– $20 Cash (Quitter cash for a Taxi)
– Headlamp with extra batteries

Recommended Individual Gear (Recommended but not required)
– Gloves (1 – 2 pairs)
– Windbreaker (even if temps are above 60 F they’re still nice to have)
– Secondary Ruck Handle (makes PT suck slightly less)
– Dry Bag (perfect for keeping clothes and food dry)
– Pelican Case or waterproof bag (keeps your phone and keys safe)
– Food/Snacks
– First Aid & Foot Care Kit

Samples, Links, Recommendations

GoRuck GR1 ($300ish)
GoRuck Rucker ($200ish)
Tactical Gear 12hr Pack ($60ish)

GoRuck plates ($90ish)
Titan Plate ($40ish)
Bricks taped together (how to video)

Water Bladder
GoRuck bladder ($39)
CamelBak ($32)
Budget ($10)

Water Bottle

Reflective Tape

Annan ($20)



Hip Belt

Waterproof Hard Case


Anti-Chafe Balm ($10)